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Romanesque Revival

Architecture Spotlight: Toronto Dance Theatre

The Toronto Dance Theatre, located at 80 Winchester Street, Cabbagetown, was first built in 1891 under the influence of architects Gorden & Helliwell, as well as Molesworth, West, & Secord. As one of the few bold Romanesque Revival structures in Toronto, and the only example of such style in Cabbagetown, the Toronto Dance Theater plays an important role culturally and historically in the Metcalfe Heritage Conservation District. A part from the Toronto Dance Theatre, one must also recognize the University of Toronto as Toronto’s most iconic form of Romanesque Revival. Together, these two buildings attract much admiration from architects all ... Read More »

Cabbagetown’s Romanesque Revival

The Romanesque Revival is an architectural style easily distinguished because of the semi-circular arch used for all door and window openings.  This dominant feature is one of many elements that were derived from the 11th and 12th century. In North America, the Romanesque Revival gained prominence by the end of the 19th century.  The style’s success during this time can be accredited to the American architect Henry Robert Richardson.  In fact, not only did he help popularize the style, but he was also responsible for creating a secondary version of the architectural form – the Richardsonian. At first, Romanesque Revival ... Read More »