Friday , 23 March 2018
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Cabbagetown’s “Home of the Week”

Cabbagetown’s “Home of the Week” Hailed by the Globe and Mail as Cabbagetown’s “Home of the Week,” the beautiful Victorian home on 337 Wellesley St. E., Toronto enters the market at $1,198,000.  Between this home’s rich heritage and bewitching interior design, it is one of Cabbagetown’s finest properties on the market – and won’t be for long. A polished plaque hangs by the front door declaring the original own to be Thomas E.B. Yates, a clerk.  Local heritage authorities have restored much of the structure and design since 1902, preserving the beautiful work of Charles Gibson.  Some rooms have been ... Read More »

A Victorian Influence: Cabbagetown

Although Victorian architecture began in the United Kingdom, the style moved swiftly into North America during the 19th century. While many cities across Canada have preserved housing from this era, Toronto is one of the largest areas where Victorian architecture prevails. Cabbagetown, specifically, is Toronto’s most continuous residential area that proudly displays a variety of Victorian structures. “Victorian” simply refers to Queen Victoria’s reign in England; however, the era is often considered to encompass the period between the Civil War and World War One. This definition may seem broad but this is because Victorian architecture is an umbrella category for ... Read More »