Saturday , 24 February 2018
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Friends of Winchester Park

Aberdeen Avenue Residents’ Group Spring Clean-Up

This Saturday, join the Aberdeen Avenue Residents’ Group (AARG) during their annual street clean-up. Residents are encouraged to meet at Winchester Square — our city designated area — between 10am and 2pm.  Litter bags will be supplied and will be generously picked up by Steve Nobel from City Hall at the end of the day. Be sure to bring your own gloves, a small shovel, broom, and dust pan, so that you can make the most out of this spring cleaning experience. It’s an incredible opportunity to bond with fellow community members in making the neighbourhood a cleaner, prettier place. ... Read More »

Meeting with Central Neighborhood Park « Friends of Winchester Park

What a great meeting! I was worried that this meeting is going to become an us vs. them showdown and  we won’t be able to get mutual understanding of the issues but I’m happy to report that it went beyond our expectation. Our objective going into the meeting was to highlight the issues we are facing in the area that we have discussed in earlier posts and see if we can get them to open the floor up for us to be heard.  Central Neighborhood House was very gracious in providing the space and even food for all their guests. ... Read More »

Videos: What’s happening in Winchester Park

I had posted earlier about our meeting with city officials this morning and how they were very receptive to our cause.  I wanted to take a moment and share with you couple of videos that are taken over the past months in Winchester Park.  This will give you an idea about what’s happening here in the winter and you can be the judge if it will get better or worse over the summer! This is one of our member talking to us about what he would like to see in the space. He won’t be able to make it tonight ... Read More »

Meeting with City Officials today – Friends of Winchester Park

Our first of many meetings took place today at 11:00 AM at the park with city officials and we highlighted the need of more community involvement.  Following were the members that were present at the meeting: Sam L Roger L Karen M Don K Addy Saeed We also had two city officials, Soloman and Jillian,  that we discussed our concerns with.  Following were the highlights of our concerns: Safety issue created by the boxes The amount of space taken over by the boxes The inherit design defects of using the boxes and their layout The use of public space as ... Read More »

Friends of Winchester Park

I’m a fan of outdoor space and a believer is community. I moved into Cabbagetown in 2010 and while I had done business here before, I never really understood what the neighborhood was all about.  My move here helped me realize the friendly, familiar faces on the streets and at the dog park as a constant reminder that I live in a lively, vibrant and connected neighborhood.  Having said that, there are areas in the neighborhood that need some love from all of us.  One of these area is our beloved Winchester Park which runs between Carlton to Prospect just ... Read More »