Friday , 23 March 2018
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Market Watch

Why is Cabbagetown appreciating in value?

Seems that any property that gets listed in Cabbagetown sells and sells quickly.  This begs the question, why is it that properties sell quickly in Cabbagetown?  Following are a couple of items that I’ve noticed in my practice in Cabbagetown and its great impact on real estate values. Properties with multiple units are selling faster than single family and with multiple offers. (Read greater interest) We have a great pool of investors that are also working in the neighborhood that keep buying the old slum lord properties and renovating them into great homes for our future neighbors. There have been ... Read More »

Cabbagetown Real Estate Update – May 2011

I took some time to review what Cabbagetown real estate numbers are and compared them with our region (C08) and city level numbers to see how we are doing compared to the average. Cabbagetown, over the past year, has seen an increase in average price sold over the same period last year. Read More »

Cabbagetown homes price review

Own a home in Cabbagetown? Watch this video and it will definitely make you happy! :) Read More »