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New development coming to Bleeker and Carlton?

I’ve heard from the some of the local dog owners and perish members that the church now at the corner of Bleecker and Carlton is soliciting offers and there are two offers currently in the running to get the property under contract.  The numbers thrown around for the sale price are impressive to say the least.  The main trouble they been having is with the Second Mile Club who are opposing the offer of buy because of excessive noise that will be coming from construction if the proposal goes through.

The parcel of land is consist of three lots with one having the church, one with a detached dwelling and the north lot with place of worship and residence.  The lots are 185 feet deep and about 160 feet wide which makes them ideal for development.  The developer interested in the property seems to be looking to develop a highrise on the corner ( I’m told 30 story building).

I don’t have a problem with development but I do have some issues with this proposal

  • What’s happening to the historical church?  Is it being preserved or torn down?
  • Is the house being preserved too or taken down?
  • I heard that there are problems with the foundations of church hall in the north.   Is that being taken down?
  • Where will the building be going?
  • How will this building fit in with the neighboring properties?

The information available was scarce and is what I’ve heard from different sources in the neighborhood.  Do you have any further information about this?  If so, please do leave a comment below.

I don’t warrant the accuracy of this information as I don’t have any facts to back this up.  I’ve made a call to the church and am awaiting their reply.

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