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Rise in Break-ins over the past week

This message was shared by Cabbagetown South Resident’s Association that I’m helping propagate.

Rise in House Break ins in the last week

We have heard several reports of break ins in the neighbouhood in the last week.  We remind area residents to be vigilant in keeping doors and windows locked.  We also ask that if you see anyone suspicious hanging around near your property on the street or laneways to call police and report it.  If you see someone checking out a neighbours gate, fence, windows or doors and sense something is not right call 911 and explain what is going on.  The dispatcher will send someone as soon as they can.   You can also call our community police response team listed here. 

Whenever a crime or a suspicious incident occurs, report it.  If it is an emergency call 911.  If ongoing issues such as noise complaints, street level prostitution or drug dealing call non emergency response at 416 808 2222.  Ask to get the incident number.  Follow up with Community Police Officers.

Staff Sergeant Peter Troup directly at 416 808 5152 to follow up. His email is

Police Constable Dave Hinchcliffe phone 647 921 6395 email

Police Constable Scott Hodgson phone 647 921 6395 email

Police Sergeant Daniel Vega phone 416 808 5100

For issues at Toronto Community Housing properties such as noise, drug dealing, etc.follow up with 

Community Safety Advisor Michael Bezoff phone 416 899 8454 email

Officers from 51 Division point out that the more calls they receive from a particular neighbourhood, the more patrols that neighbourhood receives.  If problems are persistent it is also recommended you contact

Staff Sergeant Peter Troup directly at 416 808 5152 to follow up. His email is

Emailing a general complaint form is also a great idea as it helps determine the number of officers assigned to particular divisions click here.

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