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Japanese Cuisine Cabbagetown: Two Izakaya Restaurants You Must Try

Zakkushi Izakaya


As the latest izakaya restaurant to venture  from Vancouver to Toronto, Zakkushi finds a warm welcome in Cabbagetown.  Although there has been an increase in Japanese pub-style restaurants in the neighbourhood since 2008, Zakkushi’s extensive and semi-exotic menu earns them a notable place on Carlton.  With meals prepared over authentic Japanese white charcoal, all dishes served are full-flavoured and aromatic. Thankfully, after quite some time without one, Zukkushi has recently attained their liquor license and offers guests a variety of unique alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.


Due to the dining capacity of the restaurant (only twenty-or-so tables), there is a two hour dining limit for parties of 6+ and for all guests on weekends.  The restaurant itself is laid out traditionally, embracing décor quite different than the eccentric Kingyo only minutes away.  Despite the competition, due to the sheer quality of the food and its lively environment, Zakkushi will undoubtedly hold its own in Cabbagetown as a great destination for a night out in Toronto.

Kingyo Izakaya


Renowned in Cabbagetown for their sharing plates and deep fried snacks, Kingyo should not be disregarded as a simple pub-style Japanese restaurant – it has so much more to offer.  All within an affordable price point, Kingyo serves ambitious entrees from 5:30pm to 11:30pm daily. Although the restaurant seats 120 people, it is recommended that you make reservations before arriving due to this location’s current popularity.  Kingyo provides a truly high-scale izakaya dining experience – the décor found inside of the restaurant consists of exposed brick walls, plush booths and banquets, as well as several novelty additions like the a jukebox, a projector, and a Pachinko machine.  Be sure to stop by any-time for a great meal and a memorable experience.


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