Friday , 23 March 2018
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Restaurants and Cafe

Japanese Cuisine Cabbagetown: Two Izakaya Restaurants You Must Try

Zakkushi Izakaya As the latest izakaya restaurant to venture  from Vancouver to Toronto, Zakkushi finds a warm welcome in Cabbagetown.  Although there has been an increase in Japanese pub-style restaurants in the neighbourhood since 2008, Zakkushi’s extensive and semi-exotic menu earns them a notable place on Carlton.  With meals prepared over authentic Japanese white charcoal, all dishes served are full-flavoured and aromatic. Thankfully, after quite some time without one, Zukkushi has recently attained their liquor license and offers guests a variety of unique alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Due to the dining capacity of the restaurant (only twenty-or-so tables), there is ... Read More »

Cabbagetown Highlights: Introducing Café Olya

Café Olya It looks as though Cabbagetown has a trendy new addition.  Earlier this month, Café Olya moved shop from Newmarket on to Parliament Street, just south of Wellesley.  Residents of the neighbourhood are ecstatic to welcome this cozy café to the community. Café Olya’s “Strong Coffee and Delicate Pastries” are unparalleled.  As a micro-bakery, owners Mike Tasso and Olyana Zhuke truly prove their might in the kitchen as they unveil new-baked goods weekly.  Using ingredients from Riverdale Farm and Evergreen Brick Works, the café likes to keep things local and home-made.  Something to appreciate: fresh batches are made daily ... Read More »

New Business: Cafune

Yay for Cafune! When I first heard about this place opening, I didn’t know much about Brazilian coffee (yes, I’m not a foodie) but when I spoke with the owner and tried out the coffee at Cafune, I understand now! They have only been open for two weeks and already they are packed.  It’s a quiet little place on Carlton between Ontario and Bleeker where you can find free wifi and brazilian music, though they are festive right now, and meet with friends and enjoy cups of Java. 194A Carlton Street Toronto, ON M5A 2K9 (647) 748-7884 They have ... Read More »

New Business: Cabbagetown Brew

Seems like Cabbagetown is exploding with new business ventures these days.  There have been couple of great openings in the past month and Cabbagetown Brew is the latest in the saga. Cabbagetown Brew 552 Parliament Street Toronto, ON M4X 1P6 (416) 353-5551 Hours: Mon-Fri 7 am – 7 pm Sat-Sun 9 am – 5 pm The place is hip and cool, the staff is friendly and the menu looks good.  They have the regular fixings of a cafe including patisseries and java along with ice cream.  I thought it’s a clever combination to have ice cream in a coffee shop and think ... Read More »

Review: Stout Irish Pub

I’ve been meaning to write this blog for a long time!  Actually, if I think about it, it’s been two years since Stout has opened and I’ve been a regular there since.  I have couple of reasons to be in love with Stout and I will list them below: They have done an amazing job with the decor of the place.  It doesn’t look like a pub; well it does if you’re at the bar, but it’s a refined pub! The food is amazing!  My favorite on the menu is the spicy chicken sandwich with house fries and a side of aioli. ... Read More »

New Regent Park Restaurant

Paintbox Bistro is one of the newest additions to the community hub, located at the corner of Dundas East and Sackville. The restaurant aims on serving high-end cuisine, in addition to providing event catering services, and training facilities. The food is described as, “innovative, reasonably priced, and bearing the culinary stamp of its chef, formerly of the Rosebud.” Ultimately, the restaurant was designed with the community in mind, making a notable debut to the newly revitalized neighbourhood. [Source] Read More »

Review: The Pear Tree in Cabbagetown

Every once in a while I am afforded a free evening, and when this happens I am always eager to sample an amazing Toronto restaurant.  My recent eating adventures led me to The Pear Tree Restaurant in Cabbagetown and a lovely meal with a couple vegetarian friends. The Pear Tree is one of those hidden gems that is a hot spot for locals, generating a loyal following of diners, yet remaining fairly unheard of outside the neighbourhood. Hidden in a quiet stretch of Parliament Street, The Pear Tree is easily passed by, but definitely worth a visit. A Taste of the World The Pear Tree offers ... Read More »

Cabbagetown Gem: Winchester Kitchen and Bar

Today’s hidden gem comes in the form of Winchester Kitchen and Bar, a second-floor hideaway in historic Cabbagetown. We’ve heard of the site before; it was reopened just last March to little fanfare other than neighbourhood rumblings. The other night we were invited out to check out the space, try the food, and sip some of their signature cocktails. Might we just say: delightful. Winchester Kitchen and Bar has a beautiful history. Its previous incarnation is said to have been one of Al Capone’s haunts when he was in town, and the small stage anchoring the intimate room was once ... Read More »

A Filipino Delicacy in St. James Town

I consider myself a very picky eater.  For one, I don’t eat pork nor do I go out of my way to try anything that doesn’t look good or makes my stomach turn.  Having said that, I really enjoy seeing what different culture consider the norm.  Take the Balut, a Filipino delicacy, for example, is something that I could never consume and is a very popular item that is sold on the streets by food stalls. I’ve not been in the resturant in question but will put my big boy pants on to try out.  Any takers that want to ... Read More »

Review: The Flying Beaver

Flying Beaver has been a recent addition to our neighborhood and its a welcomed one. I was there for their opening night on Thursday, months ago now, and they have blossomed into a great space where locals and visitors alike can relax and enjoy some brew and sun. Read More »